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What’s Wrong With Boruto’s Byakugan?

Now let’s talk about the Boruto’s Byakugan. What is that thing that we see on Boruto’s eye? Why is it different from the norm? now, Boruto as we do know, in the first chapter of the Vorta manga, we see that he has a scar on his eye in the Byakugan, which led most people in who went the first chapter to think that, Boruto had a situation very similar to Kakashi or somebody ended up transplanting their Byakugan into Boruto’s eys so, he can have the Byakugan in order to see.

He won’t just be blind in one eye or missing and I guess. I assumed it was either Hinata or some other member of the Hyuga family but that does not seem to be the case. Based on this first episode of Boruto so where we see Boruto’s eye kind of reacts to the strange evil dark malice chakra that’s coming off of Danki. Obviously, his Byakugan reacts because of it in awakens.

Boruto is not aware of this obviously and we’re probably going to get that scene when Boruto actually officially awakens the Byakugan for the first time. Most likely in the first arc of the series or I guess, technically the second arc if they indeed adapt the Boruto and arts or the movie content and skip over the meat ski and the Sardis stuff.

So with that being said, what exactly is wrong with Boruto eye? why is it only on one side of his eye? why is it not both of them? Boruto’s eye from my speculation alone and based off of what I’ve seen, I think it’s a mutation based off of his genes. Maybe it could be possible since Boruto was the first born between Naruto and Hinata. Maybe he got the full brunt of the power. Now if you don’t really understand why I mean by this, now as we do know between Boruto’s younger sister Himawari awaken the Byakugan and it seems normal. It looks just like her mother’s eyes. During the obviously the OVA when Naruto who became Hokage, or the side chapter he became Hokage, we see him or Himawari obviously awaken the Byakugan for the first time. Now the Byakugan looks completely normal like I said it doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it. She seems to be decently strong for her age. So, Boruto, who’s her brother should have the same exact capabilities being capable of awakened Byakugan.

It shouldn’t be that much different between Boruto and Himawari since they are siblings. Siblings have very similar genes. Their genes are not far off from one another. They were closer alike compared to their parents because they came from the same two parents. So, maybe since Boruto is the firstborn and obviously his father is Naruto Uzumaki and even he, not his lineage going along with this. Naruto, as we do know, is the reincarnation of Asura. He is the seventh Hokage. He is an Uzumaki. He has a high amount of chakra in his body and then Hinata obviously being a descendant of Hamra and the fact that she’s from the main branch family of the Hyuga clan.

Maybe Boruto inherited all of that special chakra properties into his body and Himawari just kind of got the normal amount. Himawari might be like an ordinary person. She won’t be anything special like how Boruto is. That meaning why Himawari was capable of and hearing the Byakugan as well but her byakugan was not anything different compared to Boruto. so, was that being said, I do feel like that Boruto’s Byakugan either going to become something different may be Tenseigan.

I highly doubt this especially since we did not see any reference towards that. When Boruto in that certain individual or fighting on top of the Hokage face. I feel like that if they wanted to specify or at least hint that Boruto has Tenseigan, then they would have shown Boruto is opening in an eye and It would be the Tenseigan, not the Byukegan. When Boruto releases chakra later on in the beginning of the episode or not the beginning of the episode. So it’s like midway through the episode he awakens Byukegan right then there.

Maybe his Byakugan is going to become Tenseigan later on. I don’t think that’s going to be the case but, I just wanted to throw that out there now. I do feel like that Boruto’s Byukegan especially since it’s only in one eye, it will have some certain ocular Powers that another Byukegan is not capable of. We kind of even see this in the episode itself. Think about it!!

Byukegan, when they activate and they whole type of things. We see the veins starting to form on the side of the on eyes. you see where they’re capable of seen every single chakra points and they can see the chakra flow in the body.

Boruto was only capable of seeing the chakra emanating off of Denki, very similar to the way how the Sharingan is capable of seeing chakra and the Rinnegan are capable of seeing chakra. That’s very interesting so it could be possible that maybe Boruto’s Byukegan will have the same properties as the normal Byakugan but, it will have some differences very similar to the way how the normal Rinnegan and Sasuke’s Sharingan. Different where Sasuke’s Rinnegan has a certain ability where he’s capable of switching places with certain objects people or animals or blah blah blah…

So may be Boruto so will have some type of ability with those types of lines. Now, along with that we also do know that Boruto has some degree of skill when it comes to utilizing the gentle fist. Because we see him use it against Shekadai during the Chunin exams. So maybe Boruto is only capable of using the gentle fists to that extent mainly because of the fact that he has the Byakugan, Even though he’s not aware the fact that he has. It maybe he is capable of seeing the chakra flow to an extent and he doesn’t even understand why. maybe he thinks that’s the norm. So I just want to throw that out there.

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