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Top 10 Craziest Celebrity Diets

This how they maintain their sexy body!!!

Today we’re talking the top 10 craziest celebrity diets. Celebrities have been dieting since the dawn of the moving image constantly, trying to rid themselves of that ten pounds the camera reportedly adds. So here we have 10 crazy diets the from a food-loving honey who thinks life is way more important I really wouldn’t recommend.

Coming in at number 10, we have The Rainbow Diet. Also known as the seven colors diet. The rainbow diet is reportedly what Christina Aguilera used to slim down after her weight gain. The rainbow diet requires you to eat different colors of fruit and vegetables each day with this final day allowing you to combine all the colors. It sounds more fun than it actually is. Monday is white. Tuesday is red, Wednesday’s green, Thursday’s orange, Friday is purple, Saturday is yellow, and on Sunday rainbow galore all of the colors are allowed. The problem with this diet is that people aren’t really getting enough day to day variety or any protein which is of concern.

Coming in at number nine we have The Caveman Diet. Also known as the payload diet many celebrities have flocked on the caveman bandwagon. The diet consisted eating foods a caveman would have like simple foods like meat, eggs, vegetables, unlimited quantities of fruits, and nuts. It also means not eating foods like sugars, grains, dairy, and processed foods. Celebrities you have given caveman ago include Jessica Biel, Jack Osbourne, Kobe Bryant and Uma Thurman. I feel like the name is probably the craziest thing about this diet kind of almost makes sense. Okay, this guy is the demigods only.


Coming in at number eight we have The Hercules Diet. Dwayne the rock johnson was said to follow a godly diet, the Hercules diet to fit his 2014 role in you guessed it, Hercules. As part of the diet aim to bulk up the already pretty ripped former wrestler. He had to eat 5,000 calories a day coupled with a rigorous exercise regime. The diet was high protein and high-density and we even got to catch a glimpse of it on Dwayne’s twitter as he uploaded a snap of his meal plan for one day. Eating as much as I probably wouldn’t a week he had to eat seven packs two meals a day. His breakfast included a 10-ounce steak with four eggs and five ounces of oatmeal. Lion blood was optional.

Next up we have a favorite of Reese Witherspoon’s we have The Baby Food Diet coming in at number seven. And I have to say well, I really can’t think of much worse than eating mush but this is an actual diet with followers include Jennifer Paltrow and Lady Gaga. Follow us eat between five to ten jars of baby food a day instead of meals. These jars range between 20 and 100 calories each meaning the most amount of calories possible to consume in a day on this diet is 1,000. This is only half the recommended daily amount. The diet is said to be great for quick short term weight loss but is pretty unhealthy in the long run.


Coming in at number six, this one actually sounds way more agreeable to me, we have The Cookie Diet. Oh, wait! They aren’t actually delicious cookies. Well that kind of changes things for me. The cookie diet isn’t about snapping down delicious cookie which obviously did wonders for the cookie monster. No no, if a calorie-restricted weight loss diet designed where people eat cookies instead of meals. These are also specially formulated cookies so, again not big lovely chocolate chip cookies the size of my face, along with the cookies people are encouraged to drink two glasses of water tricking your body into thinking that you’ve eaten. Diatens are encouraged to have a very very small meal in the evenings to follow the six cookies they’ve eaten in the day.This actually sounds like a nightmare to me and many nutritionists have rushed to condemn it. Despite the bad rap those, celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Snooki which incidentally rhymes with cookie have sworn by it.


Coming in at number five we have The Five Palm Diet. A favor of Victoria Beckham the five palm diet or the five hands diet is a regime that requires you to eat only five hand-sized portions of high protein items a day. This can include scrambled egg, berries, nuts and smoked salmon. Drinking lots of water are key and snacking on green veg is encouraged. I found this is very very unfair because some people have bigger hands and mine are quite small and I don’t think this is enough for me ever.


Next up we have The Apple Cider Diet. Reportedly a favor of Megan Fox’s the apple cider diet is the positive stimulates the metabolism. Fox chug two shots of apple cider vinegar in the morning and she says this helps her get rid of water attention.Some even say that the vinegar burns fat. The apple cider diet seems to be in addition to other things you would normally in a day which I can actually get on board with. But at the same time have you guys ever spotted vinegar because I’m not sure how I would not be sick.


Coming in at number three we have The Lemon Juice Diet. This is also known as the KN diet and the master cleanse. The lemon juice diet was famously followed by Beyonce when filming dream girls. At this time she needed to drop 20 pounds in two weeks so the only answer was pretty much just drinking lemon juice. Followers consumed only a liquid cocktail of water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Some say this jump kicks the metabolism but others say this is just a fancy alternative to starvation. From lemon juice to cotton balls something once reference in Beyonce’s music videos was pretty hurt.

Coming in at number two we have a very very dangerous Cotton Ball Diet. Guys this is by far the most dangerous diet on this list and it’s actually led to many people getting very seriously ill from blockages in their digestive system which has been led to organ failure so don’t do it. The cotton ball diet is recommended by pro-ana sites which actually are kind of horrendous. In short, this is something those with eating disorders advocate to stay then.Follower for dip cotton balls and juice or smoothies and eaten instead of food trying to trick their bodies into thinking that they’ve had a meal. No celebrities would outwardly admit this diet but model Bria Murphy, Eddie murphy’s daughter says it’s a regular occurrence among supermodels.

Coming in at number one, what do we have on top of our craziest diet list. , we have a guide that many of you might enjoy The Drunk Diet. Hold on for a minute. I thought alcohol was the devil for dieters. Well, apparently not, that is according to lady gaga’s ex Lüc Carl. Gaga herself once proclaimed that she was on the drunk diet. A diet that we can only assume the Lindsay Lohan was on at the earlier part of this decade plus a time on a diet for all rock and roll stars. Lüc Carl even went as far as to write a book about the diet called drunk diet “How to lose weight wasters” the book is actually a pretty entertaining read and does make some positive suggestions for attempting a lifestyle change. But the shock title and the whiskey the boy’s ideal. That would be top 10 craziest celebrity diet.

I don’t know about you but, I’m not sure I’m going to be trying any of these. I’m all about the balance eating lots of fruit and vegetables and going to the gym a couple times a week and every now and then just ordering a pizza. Do let me know if you’re going to be trying any of these diets in the comments section down below. Once again I’m not sure if I recommend it but. If you know any good diets that mainly involves eating pizza then I want to hear from you. Let me know your favorite foods in the comment section down below and we can have a good old food chat.

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