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The Secret Behind “You Know Nothing Jon Snow”!

You know nothing Jon Snow

Hey everyone, today I want to answer a few questions I’ve received about all things Game of Thrones. with that being said let’s get into the first question.


I have been noticing that many people keep saying “You know nothing Jon Snow” to Jon. people like Ygritte and Melisandre tells this to him. does this foreshadow anything? please throw some light on it. great question.

Let’s talk about the true meaning behind “you know nothing, Jon Snow”. it’s a phrase that comes up a lot, and even though it sounds like it’s just a simple tease at Jon’s knowledge of the world, many people believe it means something more. most of the time when we hear these words it’s coming from Ygritte. she first says it’s a John when he’s acting like he knows what it’s like north of the wall. Ygritte points out that Jon knows nothing about the world like he thinks he does. Jon has been living in Winterfell his whole life, and he doesn’t actually understand how the world operates. as their relationship grows, Ygritte continues to remind Jon that he knows nothing, except it’s clear that she’s just teasing him. then there’s Melisandre, and she tells Jon the same thing. this shocks Jon, you can see that he’s obviously confused, and it’s in this scene that you can tell Melisandre intends to caution Jon. but, cautioned him about what, what could be the true meaning of Jon knowing nothing, is it his secret family lineage? or maybe something else that is being foreshadowed.



Here’s a thought, what if it simply means Jon isn’t aware of his crucial role in the Great War to come. think about it. there’s a good chance this new winter is going to end similarly to the original long night thousands of years ago. and from what we know about the legends of the long night, there will be a hero who helps to bring the dawn and drive out the White Walkers. this person is supposed to be as or high reborn, or the prince that was promised. Jon has been associated with many theories concerning Azor Ahai in other prophecies. so it doesn’t seem like too far of a reach for Jon Snow to become the hero who attempts to save mankind. I don’t know if he will die a second time or anything, but I think there’s definitely something prophetic about you know nothing, more than just the secret of who his parents are. but that’s just my own thought.let’s move on to the next question.

I have a theory for you do you, think Petyr Baelish orchestrated the red wedding?. Catalan Tully / stark was Petyrs first and only love after Catalan rejected him in Renly’s camp, do you think that he planned it out before telling Tywin and Harrenhal?


This is interesting. I subscribe to the idea that, Littlefinger is behind a lot of the conflicts that take place throughout the series. it’s obvious that his only true alliances to himself. he wants all the power, and so far he’s done a great job manipulating others into serving his best interest. now did he have a hand in the red wedding, maybe? while it seems like there was enough passion for killing the Starks from the point of view of the Lannisters. and the phrase, it possible that Baelish moved everyone in the right direction. one thing to note is Robb Stark’s army was strong. in different battles throughout the war of the five kings, the north continued to destroy their opponents. even Tywin knew the dangers of going to war with Robb Stark. so eliminating Rob and his mother at the red wedding could be the most efficient way to put it into the war. the stark side of it at least. but, let’s go back to Baelish for a moment. would he have the motive to kill Rob in Catalyn? sure. I mean the woman he’s always loved never loved him back. Peter felt like she was taken away from him by Brandon Stark and then Ned Stark. Peter eventually moved on and found a nobility, money, and a seat on the small Council. he served the crown for a long time, becoming very comfortable around the royal family. he’s able to get away with whatever he wants around the Lannisters because every one of them is more corrupt than the next. the Starks, however, aren’t similar in this way, honor is everything. if Robb had lived and continued to fight, he may have accumulated enough support to overthrow the crown.Baelish would then have to prove his worth in hopes to have a spot in the royal food chain. and what stark other than Sansa would ever have Baelish advising them. I think the red wedding happened the way it seems, and probably isn’t any more of a conspiracy than what we know it to already be. I hope that answers your question.

An episode 1  egg which later becomes the Dragon Visiries. Could this be a curse like when King Robert touched the stark family?

Okay! well, when I think back to the show, I believe Danny touches dragons egg and Rheagals egg at different times. and then when the Dragons hatched they climb all over her. so the idea of a curse being associated with Daenerys touching the dragon eggs would mean that they should all die. since she has touched all of them. the reason Roberts curse seems very logical in comparison is because if you go back and watch every scene that includes Robert Baratheon, there’s only a handful of people that he touches. and all of them actually end up dying. as for Dany well she’s touched way too many people.

What do you think?

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