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Game of Thrones Stannis sword, Lightbringer – Authentic or fraud?

Hey, everyone today. I want to answer a few questions some of you may have regarding Game of Thrones. With that being said, if you are not caught up with a series this will be your chance to leave. otherwise, let’s get started.

If it was forged with dragon fire then wouldn’t regular fire not get hot enough to melt it and then how could Stannis’s sword have been Lightbringer?

This is a great question and I think the main point here is the authenticity of the sword. Stannis calls his sword Lightbringer because Melisandre named it that in the [burning] rituals that the red woman performs. She came upon the notion that Stannis should pull a sword from the fire just as or hide it. In the books, there is quite a bit of evidence that Stannis’s sword is not the real Lightbringer. For example, Maester Aemon examines it in the book a storm of swords. Sam tries describing what it looks like because Maester Aemon is blind. Stannis doesn’t even really understand why he wanted to examine the sword in the first place on the count that he couldn’t see. Maester Aemon asked Sam if he felt any heat coming from the blade and even though it visually looked like it was red hot it wasn’t actually warm to the touch. It is interesting though that Amon was the one leading on about how the sword isn’t true to the legend. All in all the sword is most likely a fraud. Melisandre was probably able to just manipulate the sword with her knowledge of Magic. She believed at one time that Stannis was as or high, and it seemed like she used everything in her power to make him look the part.I Hope that clears up the sword that Stannis wielded.

As far as the TV series goes, we don’t really know what happened to the sword after the battle of Winterfell. If it follows suit with the novel’s Ramsay Bolton may have found it and now it resides in Winterfell under Stark control. If this is the case then there is a chance that Jon Snow might come across it and go further down the rabbit hole, maybe John will return Longclaw to house Mormont. Either to Liana or Jorah and since the king in the North is at Winterfell currently Jon might have to find a new high-quality blade. Possibly the sword Stannis used to have. I know that’s a crackpot theory but, it would be one way to get fan service to everyone who believes that John is Azor Ahai.


Will the night king be able to summon the dead within the crypts of Winterfell for starting the attack inside the gates? just a theory?

The Winterfell Crypts are a very popular topic for fans. Everyone wants to believe something significant or special is hiding there and that something significant or special might be going down there at some time in the future? I think it’s fair to say that with all the clues that George RR Martin has spread out in his books in reference to the crypts. There’s got to be something to it. But will the night king resurrect the dead Stark lords and Kings and the crips? I don’t think so. Liana Starks bones are down there as well and with the whole backstory of Liana and Rhaegar and the title of the series being a song of ice and fire. I just can’t imagine a skeleton meant to be liana stark rising up from the dead.


However, I do think there is a chance for a white like a Hodor to possibly show up and defend some humans like bran or maybe John during a big battle.

What do you think?

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