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10 Things Men And Women Do Differently

Are men from Mars and women from Ven

These 10 differences between men and women could certainly make you think so. We guarantee you’ll start taking off your top once you’ve heard one of the entries, but you’ll just have to read our article to see why! Today we’re sharing 10 things men and women do differently.

01 See colors

Picture the scenes. A man and a woman are having a disagreement in the paint aisle about the differences between certain colors. Well, it turns out that women and men do actually see colors differently. Researchers at the City University of New York found that women were more able to distinguish between subtle shades than men. The tests involved beaming colors into the subject’s eyes are projecting colors onto a frosted glass. In certain spectrums like yellow, women notice tiny, of subtle changes, while the hues look the same to men. Researchers also found that what women see as orange looks more like yellow to men, and green to a woman appears more Blue-green to men. This could be down to the level of testosterone altering the development of the visual cortex in the brain. As for why there is dissimilarity, one speculation they put forward was that it was an evolutionary adaptation. Women were the gatherers and needed to be good judges of color to be able to find edible plants. Men, on the other hand, were the hunters I needed to be able to see moving animals in the distance. In the same study, men were better able than women to see bars flickering on a computer screen, which is similar to how we view cars in the distance.


02 Taste and smell

most of the world’s best-known chefs are males. Our research has shown that it is, in fact, women you have a more sophisticated palate than men. Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine found that women have more taste buds compared to men, and there are more female supertasters than male. To be a super taster, you have to be able to detect a particular chemical. You also have to be able to proceed tastes like sweet, bitter and sour strongly. You also have to experience greater burn from oral irritants like alcohol. Just 15% of men in a study could be deemed super tasters, compared with 35% of women. As taste and smell are related, it’s not surprising that studies have found women also have a greater sense of smell than men. This is what researchers from the University of South Paolo Medical School and Federal University of Rio de Janeiro found out. On average, female brains had 43% more cells and nearly 50% more neurons in their olfactory centers compared to male brains. Their discoveries about this part of the brain dedicated to odors and smelling were made from looking at post-mortem brain .these extra cells don’t guarantee that women are better able to identify smells, but it’s a good indication.


03 Deal with relationship

Male friendships and female friendships are usually different. And now a UCLA study has shown how men and women forge and sustain friendships in disparate ways. The study, published in PLOS ONE found that friendships between women tend to be more emotionally intimate and based on personal conversations, while friendships between men are more likely to be activity focused. While women bond ‘face-to-face,’ male friendships are more ‘shoulders to shoulders’. This can mean men place greater importance on getting their emotional needs met in a relationship. Therefore, a breakup can be more difficult to deal with long-term. Researchers from Binghamton University and University College London found that although women experience more pain in the immediate aftermath of a relationship ending, they eventually recover more fully compared to men. The researchers explained these results in relation to biology. Women invest more in a relationship because, evolutionarily, they need to find a high-quality mate. So they find the breakup more difficult, to begin with. Men, on the other hand, has evolved to compete for a woman’s romantic interest. Although it doesn’t hurt as much at first, men tend to feel the loss more deeply and for a longer period of time because they eventually realize they have to start competing again to replace what they have lost.


04 Use their brain

it’s not surprising to learn that men and women think differently. But it is surprising the fifth-place out in the brain in significant ways. Research carried out by academics at the University of California, Irvine and the University of New Mexico found that the genders don’t use their gray matter and white matter in the same way. Men think more with their gray matter, and women do more with their white matter. There is nearly six point five times more gray matter related to general intelligence and men compared with women, and there’s almost 10 times more white matter related to intelligence in women compared with men. While the gray matter is all about information processing centers, white matter is focusing on networking these processing centers. It might help explain why men and women often do better at different tasks. For example, men tend to excel at localizing processing tasks like mathematics, and women excel at assimilating and integrating information, which helps language skills. The impacts of this research could potentially help researchers with brain injury patients, as the damage done to different parts of the brain has different consequences based on the gender of the patient.


05 Handle pain

You might never be able to settle an argument with someone of the opposite sex about you can take more pain than the other. But you can quote research that makes certain plans about the gender differences in pain perception. While there’s no one general consensus about who can deal with pain, it is widely believed that pain does affect males and females differently. The disparity is certainly partly due to estrogen and testosterone. But society, culture, and psychology all also play a part in how men and women receive these signals. Many experts agree that women seek help quicker than men when they are in pain, recover more quickly from pain and areas likely to let pain control their lives. It is also thought that women pimp receive pain more intensely because of brain structure. When pain is felt, the amygdala region of the brain is activated. This happens on the left side for women and the right side for men. The left side has more connections with internal functions, while the right side has more connections with external functions. Researchers have also found that certain painkillers are more effective for certain genders. Kappa-opioids are thought to provide better pain relief for women than men.


06 Focus their attention during the conversation

the next time you talk with someone, watch for their eyes are focusing. A study found that men and women fix their eyes on different things during a conversation. Researchers of the University of Southern California discovered that men gaze at a person’s mouth, whereas women look at a person’s eyes and body. They show the participant videos of people being interviewed and tracked their pupil movements. The results we the researchers who suggest such a difference we’re down to women being better at figuring out nonverbal cues. Previous studies have shown women are more able than men to decode communication that isn’t spoken. So that is why they don’t focus on the mouth as much as men do. Not only did they find the variation on what the gender is focused on, but they also found a disparity in what they were distracted by. The video contained distractions like cars, bikes, and pedestrians passing in the background behind the interview subject. While men tended to be distracted by conspicuous movement behind the people being interviewed, women were more likely to be distracted from other people enter the frames. The researchers believe this showed that males and females have different subconscious priorities when being aware surroundings. Men rely more on motion features, while women rely more on social features.


07 Listen

men are often accused of not listening as well as women. Well, that’s not scientifically proven, of course, there are studies that show fundamental differences between the sexes and how the brain works while listening. Research conducted at the Indiana University School of Medicine found a biological disparity in the way the two genders listen. They use functional magnetic resonance imaging to compare neurological activity when listening to someone read aloud. The results showed that women use both sides of their brain, while men only use the left side of there. Another study carried out by the University of Washington Medical Center, and Virginia Merrill Bloedel stirring Research Center also found differences in the way women and men hear. Women can hear high frequencies above 2000 Hz better than men. But as they age, women can’t hear low frequencies as well as men. The research was investigating how hearing loss associated with aging may differ between the genders, one theory for the distinction is that ovarian hormones possibly might play a part.


08 Look at women

when a man and woman walk past a random woman in the street, what do you reckon each person is thinking of? The stereotypical answer is that women focus on what other women are wearing, while men imagine what’s underneath those clothes. And the survey carried out by an online swimmer retailer found that women do admit to checking out other women’s clothes. How’ve the 2000 women who took part in swimwear at 365 surveys, half of them said they enjoyed comparing themselves to female passerby? The survey found that clothes are the number-one thing women notice about other women. But, interestingly, women who responded to the survey also admitted to checking out other females in a way that is traditionally associated with males. So perhaps the genders aren’t so different in that way , after all. What are you thinking of when you see someone of the same gender walking down the street? Don’t be shy to tell us in the comments!


09 View themselves

why do so many women look in the mirror and see a much larger woman looking back at them? Men, on the opposite, might seem more time physique than they really possess reflected back. A study carried out at the University College London might just have the answer. Research has discovered that people “massively distort” the body image they subject in their own brain .so much so, the projection can be up to two-thirds wider than their body really is. The study, which was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that the brain’s oversized “body model” is exaggerated in women. This is because women can be more sensitive about their appearance, and can be more anxious that parts of their bodies are too big. The scientist’s findings could explain why slim women see themselves as fat when we look in the mirror. In contrast, a study published in cogent Psychology found that men tend to overestimate their own level of attractiveness, while women do not. These findings were consistent with previous research into the area. The study also discovered that men left their own perceived level of attractiveness to bias their opinions of others attractiveness.


10 Get undressed

enough for science and time for a little bit of fun! Have you ever noticed how men and women take off their tops differently? Men tend to reach their arms behind their heads and pull their top off by yanking it by the collar. Women, on the other hand, kind of cross their arms in the front, and pull their top up in the waist. Men’s tops usually stay the right side out, while women usually pull their tops inside out as they grip and lift the hem. There have been various hypotheses about the variation in undressing. Some have suggested it’s because women often have long hair down their backs, making it difficult to grab their tops by the scruff of the neck. Others are put forward the idea that men aren’t so flexible as women. Then there’s the theory that it’s all about how men’s and women’s clothes are made differently. Men’s tops are often loose-fitting, compared to women’s clothes, which are closer fitting. Men’s clothes have space around the armpits and a long length. If they tried to take it off from the front it might get hot on her head. Conversely, women tops are tighter around the armpits and shorter in length, so if they tried to take it off in the back, it might get stuck halfway. Now, this is something scientists need to study too!!


Are you tempted to pull your top off now to see which way you do it? What are the things you do differently from people you know of the opposite gender?

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