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10 Nerdy Celebs Who Became SMOKING HOT

Here are 10 nerdy celebs who became smoking hot

Some child stars literally grow up in front of the public eye. but, when puberty hits, we see the awkward young actors transform into stunning adults.

Here are 10 nerdy celebs who became smoking hot.


01- Alexa Vega

We remember Alexa Vega back when she was living a double life. The “Spy Kids” star was known for starring in the movie series of snarky preteen Carmen with the nifty gadgets. today, Vegas a whole new person. she’s now married to Big Time Rush star Carlos penna and the two changed their surnames of Pena vega. she still acts professionally today, but her stunning looks is what stands out the most. this spy kid is definitely all woman now.


02- Matthew Lewis

It would be wrong not to include this “Harry Potter” actor in a child “attitude” fashion magazine spread still makes our jaws drop. how is he able to continue to look so good? apparently, Lewis has been buffing up for the new romantic film “me before you” we’re so glad he’s still acting because we love watching him on the big screen.


03- Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato actually started acting long before her Disney Channel days. at the age of 10, Lovato got her big break with a friendly purple dinosaur. she spent two years on the show “Barney and Friends” way before she would become a Disney star. of course, we have seen Lovato through the good and bad from “Camp Rock” to getting help in rehab. today the star is rocking her music career and looking better than ever with a healthy and beautiful body.


04- Joseph Gordon-Levitt

It’s hard to imagine Joseph Gordon-Levitt anything other than a major movie hunk. we forget Gordon-Levitt started his career as a child star too. he became more popular as a long-haired alien kid on the comedy show “third Rock from the Sun”. we have literally seen him grow up from the adorable nerd in “10 Things I Hate About You” to a handsome action movie star.


05- Ariel Winter

The TV show “modern family” has been around for seven seasons and all the kid actors have grown up so much!. one of the most surprising transformations is middle child Alex Dunphy. the actress Ariel winter first started on the comedy hit show as a nerdy eleven-year-old. but look at her now,.seven years later, winter has blossomed into a beautiful woman and she has taken advantage of her newfound adulthood with a daring new outfit on the red carpet.


06- Daniel Radcliffe

It’s been about 15 years since we were introduced to Daniel Radcliffe. the harry potter star took the role of the famous wizard boy and won our hearts when he was only 10 years old. audiences have grown up with Radcliffe, but are still shocked on how much he’s changed. the actor has left his Harry Potter days to do more obscure roles on Broadway and even made a cameo in the comedy movie “trainwreck”.


07- Ariana Grande

Ariana grande has definitely gone through a major style evolution over the years. her acting career began in 2008 on Broadway in the musical “13”. she looks unrecognizable in 2008 and even during her Nickelodeon days on “Victorious” and “Sam and cat”. fast forward to 2016, Grande is now a pop star with hit singles and a much more grown-up look. say what you want about her attitude, but Ariana still looks gorgeous.


08- Blake McIver Ewing

Blake McIver owing is an unrecognizable name now, but back in the 90s, this little boy was singing his heart out with roles in “full house” and “the little rascals”. at the time, he also had a very strong resemblance to Macaulay Culkin. 20 years later, Ewing has apparently done a lot of growing up. not only is he super hot but he’s also an accomplished singer living as an openly gay man making inspirational songs like “it gets better” and “this is who we are”.


09- Danielle Fishel

Remember when we first met Topanga on “Boy Meets World “? the 90s actress Danielle Fishel played off a very quirky character at a young age. while Fishel grew up during the series, we still can’t believe how good she looks today. she even graced the cover of Maxim in 2013 to prove it. she’s exquisite and we can still see Fishel as a grown up Topanga on the spinoff “Girl Meets The World”.


10- Shia LaBeouf

While Shia LaBeouf’s crazy acts usually get the most attention these days, the actor used to play a nerdy weirdo back on a little show called “even stevens”. he was the goofy lewis stevens and that’s how America first fell in love with him. LaBeouf then grew up to be such a heartthrob in movies like “fury” and “the Transformers” series .the former child star looks very handsome especially when he’s wearing a suit.


Which transformation shocked you the most? share your thoughts in the comments below.

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